Zikhorak Hyper Protein “Satarkhan Branch”

Diba Tensile Arcitecure

Zikhorak Hyper Protein “Satarkhan Branch”

The Zikhorak Hyper Protein "Satarkhan Branch" was designed by Diba Tensile Architecture in summer 2020. This Project has a total area of 160 sqm.

Scope of Works: architectural design, Construction and  supervision

Diba Group have a unique approach to architecture, structure, and construction. We look at our projects as an integration between architecture and structure, and as we construct most of our projects, we are always sensitive about all the details and their execution, as well as their cost.


Other Activities of Diba Group in Zikhorak Hyper Protein

Zikhorak Hyper Protein "Punak Branch"



Satarkhan, Tehran




160 sqm


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