Iran Mall R4 Restaurant

Diba Tensile Arcitecure

Iran Mall R4 Restaurant

By the recent wave of opening restaurants, many clients are looking forward to impressive and different designs to attract more customers by creating a better and more elegant ambiance.

Diba Group designed an existing space dedicated to a restaurant, located on the level R4 of Iran Mall. A triangular steel structure grid was designed as a roof for this restaurant.

This steel structure grid of the roof smoothly turns into cross-shaped columns. Moreover, it creates a coherent connection between the existing glass boxes and restaurant area. This space was separated into three main areas; interior, semi-open and open

area. Total approximate area is about 4000 sqm. Exterior and interior areas are able to be connected to each other by retractable partitions (made of glass).


Other activities of Diba Group in Iran Mall Project

Engineering, detail design, construction and installation of steel structures of Mahan Garden's roof and covering this 8,500-meter roof with the modern ETFE material which is used for the first time in Iran.

Engineering, detail design, construction, and installation of steel structures and installation of aluminum claddings in Car Showroom of Iran Mall.

Execution of cable structures of wooden panels in west garden of Iran Mall.

Membrane Canopies of Iran Mall Exhibitions Building.

Car Showroom LED Panel of Iran Mall.

Iran Mall Parking Analysis.

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