Shandiz Tabiat Bridge

Diba Tensile Arcitecure

Shandiz Tabiat Bridge

Shandiz Tabiat Bridge, as the tourist attraction of Shandiz, plays an important role on a local and trans-local scale. The natural capacities of this area, such as the permanent river and the vegetation in the heart of the steep hills, have created suitable landscapes and conditions for planning and designing the Tabiat Bridge.

Considering the environmental and morphological sensitivities of the bed and the defined goals regarding the construction of the Tabiat Bridge, studies and studies were conducted in this direction, which resulted in locating the location of the bridge and providing a suitable option. In designing Shandiz Tabiat Bridge, Diba Group has considered the ancestral customs of Khorasan region in the process of formal formation of curved and rotating design and the use of vertical elements in the middle.


Shandiz, Mashhad


2021 - 2022


Shandiz Municipality


8970 sqm

Scope of Work

Architectural and Landscape Design, Structural Design and Analysis


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