Jetty Design in Basra

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Jetty Design in Basra

Shatt al-Arab Hotel is located along Arvandrood River in Basra City with an approximate area of 80000 square meters, in which renovation and reforming of its surrounding were carried out by Diba Group.

هتل شط العرب This complex has a wide range of functions, including water and indoor sports, aqua park, cafes and restaurants, recreational cruises, hotel apartments, conference halls and ballroom salons, parking lots and service areas.

In middle of the complex, Shat-Al-Arab hotel, 80 years old, is located. On one of its sides, a water sports facility and a swimming pool and on the other side, a business center were designed.

These buildings facades were designed simple and at the same time, modern and contemporary to express respect to the old hotel and its identity. Due to the warm and humidclimate of Basra, walking paths connecting all buildings are covered with green shades.

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80000 sqm

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