Iran Mall Parking Analysis

Diba Tensile Arcitecure

Iran Mall Parking Analysis

From 2016 for the Iran Mall Parking Analysis , Systematica was appointed as VT consultant to solve the mobility of Iran Mall which has nearly 17000 parking places. Intelligent traffic management solutions are devised to ensure traffic flow distribution on more than 15 under and above ground parking floors and reduce external effects during peak hours.  

 Scope of Works:

  • Wide Area Study and Modelling
  • Access System Review and Study
  • Parking Engineering and Traffic Management
  • Pedestrian Flow Analysis and Modelling

Other activities of Diba Group in Iran Mall Project

Engineering, detail design, construction and installation of steel structures of Mahan Garden's roof and covering this 8,500-meter roof with the modern ETFE material which is used for the first time in Iran.

Engineering, detail design, construction, and installation of steel structures and installation of aluminum claddings in Car Showroom of Iran Mall.

Execution of cable structures of wooden panels in west garden of Iran Mall.

Membrane Canopies of Iran Mall Exhibitions Building.

Car Showroom LED Panel of Iran Mall.

Maral Light Poleof Iran Mall.

Iran Mall R4 Restaurant.



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