Lavizan Birds Garden

Diba Tensile Arcitecure

Lavizan Birds Garden

Lavizan Birds Garden is located in Lavizan Forest Park. 6.2 hectares of this park is meant for the water birds aviary. Consulting, structural design, and supervision of cable structures are carried out by Diba Tensile Architecture. The aviary was designed specifically to create a natural habitat, to help ease the adaption of birds to their environment while allowing the spectators to get as close as possible to enjoy a thrilling unobstructed view. This gigantic cable-net structure has a dimension of 400×150 sqm.

The Cable Net

The structure is consists of 12 steel masts with an average height of 40 m and 68 masts in the surroundings. The main reason to choose this concept is its ability to cover a vast space with a minimum number of masts and a wide span between each two, so the birds get to fly freely in a spacious environment.

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