Roof Garden of Jyane Company

Diba Tensile Arcitecure

Roof Garden of Jyane Company

The Roof Garden of Jyane Company, was designed, produced and installed by Diba Tensile Architecture in 2017. This membrane structure has a total area of 82 sqm.

In this project Diba group installed "Parnian" and "Ararat" canopy which the Ararats are glass surround. The wooden floor, lighting, green floor and gardening are also some scopes of work which Diba had done in this project.

This pre-engineered product (Ararat) is a quite fast and durable solution providing a covered pleasant space with daylight that helps to save energy and is airtight and watertight with different finishing wall materials such as glass or wood.

Parnian Canopy is a very lightweight and elegant structure, from Diba Group Poosh Products, that can easily be installed in any places and can tolerate any climates.

The used fabric in this project is made of polyester (PES) with PVC coating, which is a good resistant against UV and environmental pollutions and it also can control daylight.

Diba Group carries out tensile structure's engineering, execution and installation by using the latest software and technology. With our experience and our desire for excellence we provide for our customers the best quality membrane structures.


membrane Canopy Usage:

Day Lighting

Weather Protection

UV Protection


Natural Ventilation


Africa Blvd , Tehran




Jyane Company


82 sqm

Fabric Type


Scope of Work

Consulting - Design - Engineering - Manufacturing - Project Management - Installation


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