Membrane Canopies of Iran Mall Exhibitions Building

Diba Tensile Arcitecure

Membrane Canopies of Iran Mall Exhibitions Building

Manufacturing and installation of 12 membrane structures with a total area of 432 sqm were done by Diba Tensile Architecture during just 10 days.

The membrane awnings were installed in the terrace of the exhibitions building of Iranmall while the great challenge of the project was the impossibility of using a crane as the finishing of the building was done.

Paya is an ultra light and a beautiful umbrella of POOSH products. This space congenial umbrella can withstand all weather conditions.

The used fabric in this project was made of PVC-coated polyester, which is a good resistant to ultraviolet (UV) radiation and environmental contaminants.

Diba Group carries out tensile structure's engineering, execution and installation by using the latest software and technology. With our experience and our desire for excellence we provide for our customers the best quality membrane structures.


Other activities of Diba Group in Iran Mall Project

Engineering, detail design, construction and installation of steel structures of Mahan Garden's roof and covering this 8,500-meter roof with the modern ETFE material which is used for the first time in Iran.

Engineering, detail design, construction, and installation of steel structures and installation of aluminum claddings in Car Showroom of Iran Mall.

Execution of cable structures of wooden panels in west garden of Iran Mall.

Car Showroom LED Panel of Iran Mall.

Iran Mall Parking Analysis.

Maral Light Poleof Iran Mall.

Iran Mall R4 Restaurant.



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