iHit Retractable Umbrella

Diba Tensile Arcitecure

iHit Retractable Umbrella

The iHit Retractable Umbrella"Matisse", was produced and installed by Diba Tensile Architecture in 2020. This highpoint-formed membrane structure has a total area of 65 sqm.

 The used fabric in The iHiT is made of polyester (PES) with PVC coating, which is a good resistant against UV and environmental pollutions and it also can control daylight.

Matisse, a retractable umbrella, is a lightweight and beautiful of Poosh Products that can easily be used in any space. One of the special features of this canopy is the ability to open and close it manually.

Matisse Retractable Umbrella Benefits

- Manual retractable canopy

- Portable

- Fast and easy installation

- Variety of colors


Cover of cafes, restaurants, canopies, pergola, residential areas, villa, roof garden and ...

Characteristics of Membrane structures

High translucency and flexibility, as well as a low surface weight matched by excellent tensile strength are main characteristics of membrane structures. This allows you to cover large areas with minimum materials and create diverse shapes and curves.

Diba Group carries out tensile structure's engineering, execution and installation by using the latest software and technology. With our experience and our desire for excellence we provide for our customers the best quality membrane structures.


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Iran House of Innovation and Tech (iHiT) Project

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