Roof Canopies of Gaj Publication

Diba Tensile Arcitecure

Roof Canopies of Gaj Publication

Roof Canopies of Gaj Publication, were designed and executed by Diba Tensile Architecture Company in 2017. Fixed and electrical canopies of Gaj Publication, located on Enghelab Street.

Combination of electrical retractable canopies and Ararat roofs, pre-engineered tensile roofs, has created an opportunity to use the main corridor under any weather situations and also give it special effects.

Walls of Ararat structure are covered with aluminum frames and glass to make it perfectly air-tight.

Specifications of pre-engineered Ararat tensile structures:

This product can be totally customized and the design of that is based on important factors like time and cost. Moreover, this product is a great choice for outdoor spaces with various activities since you can cover its surroundings.

Canopy dimension: 8*8 meter
Numbers: 3 pieces
Fabric material: Mehler

Specifications of electrical canopies:

Retractable canopies are combination of beauty and function since they are perfect for outdoor spaces and allow you to enjoy and experience sunlight throughout the day. Meanwhile you can have safe and cozy space during rainfall, chilly or windy weather by closing the roof.
Electrical canopy area: 92.12 m2
Electrical canopy brand: LOCA
Motorized system: Sanofi, France
Fabric material: PVC

  Link: pre-engineered tensile roofs Brochure

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