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Azadi Innovation Factory

Azadi Innovation Factory is an innovation and startup hub that provides quality infrastructure for startups to focus on building their business. Azadi Innovation Factory not only provides a co-working space but also builds a community that benefits residing startups.

This space used to be an old manufacturer of electrode in Iran which was a symbol of production and entrepreneurship by the time of its establishment and it has been active as a successful industry for many years. After many years, the factory will be reopened and start a new generation of entrepreneurs. Therefore it is required to re-design spaces with special space requirements.

Since the factory will adapt a new occupation; the design team combined adaptive form of the old building as a symbol of its former product (electrode), and the new function of the factory with its new abstract product which is derived from human mind (entrepreneurship). Azadi Innovation Factory was designed by Diba Tensile Architecture in 2019.

Scope of Works in Azadi Innovation Factory

Historical Research

Architecture and Landscape

Architectural Design

Structural Design

Furniture and Detail Design

Project Management



The Project Was Designed Based on the Below Premises

- Maintaining the existing physical structure to continue the historical memory of the place

- Designing the symbol of Azadi Innovation Factory, which will gradually become a symbol of modern entrepreneurship in Iran.

- Proper spatial quality

- Utilizing the maximum benefit from recycling and reproduction in the design of spaces and furniture

- The flexibility of spaces and the ability to change/develop

- Paying attention to the creative aspects of space use and caring about the fun aspects of the mobility and dynamics of space users.

- Using environmental graphics, colors, and lights

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