Mapna Boiler Green Cable

Diba Tensile Arcitecure

Mapna Boiler Green Cable

Mapna Boiler Green Cable project was designed, produced and installed by Diba Tensile Architecture in 2010. This project includes a green wall and a horizontal green cable, each consisting of multiple cables adding nature to an office environment, making the courtyard quite suitable to let off some steam.



Green FaCade

The green facade is an opportunity to participate the plants in modern lifestyle. These structures can also be installed as the handrails in order to prepare more safety. The vines provide shading during the summer and allow cooling breezes to permeate the stairs.

Green wall

Vertical cable structures allow the plants to achieve their full growth potential, while they are directly in the ground and the roots can spread freely. On the other hand, these green walls can induct the best feeling of the nature and can help them to survive.


The cable structures can serve as a handrail while providing safety without impending the view. They can be used in different parts, like stairs, vertical parking buildings, bridges and many other. These kind of handrails can also offer the plants which have the place to easily weave around the cables providing optimal growth conditions.

For animal habitant

Since every species in the nature needs their own demand, providing an appropriate natural environment for them in the zoos would be a challenge for the architectures and designers. These cable structures with their lightweight, Sustainability, Durability and the aesthetic aspects can solve the problems by making the big enough space for the birds and other species.


The innovative combination of the cable design with visual aesthetics like LEDs, helps us break up all the daily rules and coordinate the art and nature.


Jordan Street, Tehran




Mapna Boiler Company


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