"The Structure and ETFE Roof of Iran Mall's Persian Garden" won the excellence award of the Superior Steel Project in 1396. In the 8th conference of Iranian Society of Steel Structures, the Roof of Persian Garden in Iran_Mall, which was covered by an innovative material called "ETFE Membrane Structure", was selected as the Best National Superior Steel Project.

Project Specifications:
Duration of project: 2014-2017
Total built area: 8500 square meters
Diba Tensile Architecture Company Services: Project Management, Structural Construction, ETFE Structural Installation, Maintenance
Maffeis Engineering S.p.A. Services: Structural Engineering, Detail Design
The used steel structure of Persian_Garden Roof is: ST52-3N

Major characteristics of Persian Garden Roof:
• Use of innovative membrane technology (ETFE)
• Energy efficiency
• Eco-friendly material
• highly resistance during earthquake
• Compatibility with Iran climate and environmental conditions 
ETFE foils/films are structural membranesand air filled-cushions composed of 2 to 5 layers of polyethylene. ETFE is known as the future material.