Lavasan Villa Parking

Diba Tensile Arcitecure

Lavasan Villa Parking

The Lavasan Villa Parking, was designed, produced and installed by Diba Tensile Architecture in 2012. This saddel-formed membrane structure has a total area of 120 sqm. The used fabric in Lavasan Villa Parking is made of polyester (PES) with PVC coating, which is a good resistant against UV and environmental pollutions and it also can control daylight.

Diba Group carries out tensile structure's engineering, execution and installation by using the latest software and technology. With our experience and our desire for excellence we provide for our customers the best quality membranestructures.

Characteristics of Membranestructures

Tensile fabric structures are lightweight compared to other types of construction, but also extremely strong. They are designed to withstand even the most severe weather conditions, providing protection from both the rain and sun.






Mr. Afshin Farzin


120 sqm

Scope of Work

Design, Engineering, Construction ana


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