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  • ‏Lavizan Aviary

    Lavizan Birds’ Garden is a covered area designed and generally supervised by Diba Tensile Architecture. The main objectives of this […]

  • Italian Pavilion

    Italian Pavilion in international book fair 2017 The Design Statement: In this Italy pavilion, the books are exhibited in a […]

  • Iran’s Seven Major Artistic Achievement Last Year

    Iran’s Seven Major Artistic Achievement Last Year Leila Araghian &AlirezaBehzadi receiving the Aga Khan Award for Architecture

  • Abrisham II bridge & Tabiat Bridge

    Awarded ” Dadman awards “honoring lifetime achievements of the entrepreneurs in roads & urban development.

  • 30th khwarizmi International Award

    Tabiat Pedestrian Bridge is one of the 19 selected project for 2017 KhwarizmiInternational Award The award at a ceremony which was held […]

  • Lavizan Bird Garden

    Awarded Steel Structure Project in the field of Special Structures On the 7th International Conference on Steel and Structure, Tehran, […]

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