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Diba Tensile Architecture founded in 2005 was the first company specialized in design and fabrication of membrane and tensile structures in Iran. We have a unique approach to architecture, structure and construction. We look at our projects as an integration between architecture and structure, and as we construct most of our projects, we are always sensitive about all the details and their execution, as well as their cost.

Even though we pay a significant amount of attention to the technological aspects of our projects, but as designers, we always put the human experience of the place as the center of our focus. We seek to make our designs in a way that the human s physical and psychological needs and expectations from a built environment to be responded in the spaces that we create. We believe this is what makes an architectural project timeless, and pleasant to all the people.
As we continue to grow and cover more scopes of services, we start to work under the name of group of companies called DIBA, where each of our companies will be focused on one of the activities, the board members and the strategies all remain same as what it was since 2005.

Group of Diba

Diba Tensile Architecture

Membrane structures also known as tensile structures, go back to the early ages, when humans had to seek shelter against wind, rain and the sun through living in tents. Since then even with advancements in science and technology, not only have these structures not become less important but also via combining beauty and elegance with functionality, they have gained an ever growing acclamation.
The very first membrane structure was built near the turn of the 19th century and via complex calculations in the 20th century, it was made possible for these structures to be known as a separate architectural field. With improvements in fabrics and joints and the introduction of lightweight structures as a necessity in the modern architecture, these structures were made more popular than ever.
There is a rich background in Fabric or Membrane Structures in our country which is still seen in our nomad tribes. Yet despite an old history and the wide practice of this method throughout the world, membrane structures have not been that well appreciated in Iran.
In terms of acculturating the practice and promoting the science of this field, Diba tensile Architecture, the first Iranian company with absolute expertise, was established in Tehran, Iran, in August 2005. So far the company has finished many projects in different cities of Iran.

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POOSH(Membrane Structures Products)

Structures that are pre-designed and engineered in defined sizes and installed in place by client’s request. So far Diba tensile architectures has produced many different pre-engineered structures in various sizes and forms to meet different tastes and usages.

List of Products:









Retractable Pergolas

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TAAB(Cable Structures)

Our extensive experience in lightweight structures has brought us to new grounds to offer the latest
complex solutions through ropes, cables and meshes.

Handrail & Safety Net
Green Cable & Lighting
Green Wall

Our services:
Consultation and Design

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MEC & DIBA- founded in Tehran, Iran, in March 2012– is a Consulting Engineering Co., which offers a full range of engineering services to the international market . So far, the company has designed structural parts of many projects in different regions of Iran. MEC & DIBA is the first Iranian Structural Engineering Co., who uses the latest methods in design of membrane structures with cooperation of its Italian partner , a specialist team that does the design, manufacturing and installation of these type of structures. There is a rich background on “Structural Design of not only residential and commercial buildings, but also recreational & industrial structures” in our company.

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DIBAAJ Construction and Industry Development Co.

The Dibaaj Company has started its professional activity in the field of construction and execution in 2014, as one of Diba’s Group parties. During these years and parallel to Diba Group’s targets, Dibaaj try to cover existing voids in construction markets. In this way, we are focused on these 5 areas of activity:

Constant Facade
Green Facade
Dynamic Facade
Building Information Modeling(IBM)
Complex Steel Structure

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DID(Diba Interior Design)

DiD is a leading design and construction consultancy.
Our skill set spans Architecture, interior Design, Graphic Design, Branding and Project Management, all of which can be leveraged by clients to create and deliver outstanding development programs both across the Iran.
We deliver creativity that helps achieve world class stats and practical mindset that ensures realistic solutions, delivered on time and on budget.

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Alireza Behzadi

Alireza Behzadi

Managing Director
Leila Araghian

Leila Araghian

Design Manager


Diba Group, a pioneer in tension or membrane structures in Iran, offers a practical solution from designing to construction utilizing innovative approaches, international standards, a better understanding of the clients' needs, aesthetics and sustainability and is committed to promoting, acculturating, instructing and standardizing the so called membrane structures in Iran. Diba Tensile Architecture attempts to combine unique features such as the utilization of natural daylight, lighting, lightness, translucency and flexibility with beauty and functionality, practicing the latest science and technology, through our skilled design, engineering and construction team. Diba is faithful to the following professional values:
• Utilization of the latest technology
• Responsibility and honesty
• Innovation and creativity
• Sustainability of the structure


Our goal is to be the most approved and acclaimed membrane structures company in Iran and the Middle East. Diba tensile architecture hopes to promote the living space and become a pioneer in the market by establishing the standards, defining the true meaning of quality and cultivating sustainability in these structures.

Awards & Certificate

Clients who want complete façade construction solutions from one supplier, including consulting, site management, project management, engineering, fabrication.

  • Sabanaft Commercial And Office Building: Valiasr Sabanaft Award 2017

    Second Place in Valiasr Sabanaft Architecture Competition Iran, Tehran, 2017

  • Leila Araghian: Khwarizmi International Award (KIA) 2017

    Second Place for Tabiat Bridge Innovative Design on the 30th Khwarizmi International Award Iran, Tehran, 2017

  • Abrisham II Bridge Flower Market: Dadman Award 2017

    Dadman Award for the Best ECO-Friendly Design Iran, Tehran 2017

  • Tabiat Bridge: Aga Khan Award for Architecture 2016

  • Bird Garden: Steel Structure Award 2016

    Awarded Steel Structure Project in the field of Special Structures On the 7th International Conference on Steel and Structure Tehran, Iran, 2016

  • Tabiat Bridge: Asia Architecture Award 2015

    Honorable Mention in Asia Architecture Award 2015 Istanbul, Turkey

  • Tabiat Bridge: Architizer A+ Award 2015

    Architizer A+ Award 2015 New York United States of America

  • Tabiat Bridge: The Middle East and North Africa Architecture Award 2015

    Best Municipal or Public Spaces Project The Middle East and North Africa Architecture Award 2015 Dubai, UAE

  • Tabiat Bridge: Memar Award 2015

    Memar Award 2015 , for Tabiat Bridge in Public Buildings Category Tehran, Iran

  • Tabiat Bridge: IPMA Silver Award 2015

    IPMA Silver Award for Project Management 2015 Panama, Panama

  • Tabiat Bridge: Steel Structure Award 2015

    Awarded Steel Structure Project in the field of Special Structures On the 6th International Conference on Steel and Structure Tehran, Iran, 2015

  • Tabiat Bridge: Winning the Golden Brick 2014

    Winning the Golden Brick of Tehran on the World Habitat Day 2014 organized by UN-Habitat Tehran, Iran

  • Tabiat Bridge: The Best Steel Structure 2014

    The Best Steel Structure in the country on the 4th International Conference on Steel and Structure 2014 Tehran, Iran

  • Tabiat Bridge: The Best Urban Bridge 2014

    The Best Urban Bridge on 4th International Conference on Bridges at Amir Kabir University 2014 Tehran Iran

  • Ab o Atash: Superior Technology in Architecture 2011

    First Rank in “Superior Technology in Architecture with the Innovative Use of Structure” Competition May 2011

  • Abrisham II Bridge Flower Market: Superior Technology in Architecture 2011

    First Rank in “Superior Technology in Architecture with the Innovative Use of Structure” Competition May 2011

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International Partners

Maffeis Engineering Spa

Maffeis Engineering Spa is a specialized design and structural engineering consultancy, based in northern Italy.

Our team provides services that span from the project conception to the project handover.

In particular we focus on design of stadiums, transportation stations, airport terminals and long span tensile and cable structures.

In addition to the practice of classical structural engineering Maffeis Engineering is a renowned leader in the field of Tensile Structures (Fabric structures, Cable Structures, ETFE foil systems), Retractable Building Systems (Roofs, Facades) and Bridges (Steel).

We provide our services to architects, building owners, developers, contractors, local municipalities and government authorities.

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Systematica, a planning and engineering consultancy firm specialized in Town & Transport Planning, with offices in Milan, Cagliari, Beirut and Mumbai, was established in 1989.

Systematica studies, plans and designs infrastructure and transport systems at all levels, ranging from regional to urban and development scale. In particular, the company addresses urban transformation on a medium and large scale, the implementation of intermodal nodes and complex building structures ensuring adequate levels of sustainability and multi-modal accessibility, as well as the requalification of urban public places and large urban districts.

Endowed with a high profile Scientific Advisory Committee, Systematica operates in Italy and abroad, particularly in geographical areas characterised by strong levels of economic and demographic growth, such as those in the Mediterranean basin, North Africa, The United Arab Emirates, South America, Russia, India and the Far East.
Systematica guarantees to its Clients quality and competence as strategic advisors in the services of consulting, planning and design.

The consulting services cover the following sectors: Regional and urban planning, transport planning supported with the latest generation of highly sophisticated simulation codes and mathematical models as well as specific and tailored analysis of socio-economic impacts induced by large infrastructural projects.
Demand analysis, feasibility studies, accessibility verification and market studies constitute the preliminary phase of the planning and design of large-scale projects, providing robust and extensive analytical framework to support the decision-making process in several dimensions of activity which involve Public Administration, private interests as well as local communities.

The planning services allow the definition of methods, lines of development and guidelines aimed at the organization and the physical transformation of both territory and urban space, as well as enabling the development of appropriate political policies for land and transport management. This activity is further focused on master planning, mobility plans, transport and traffic planning, security and logistics as well as on the functional assessment of infrastructures and transport systems.

The design services follow up and integrate the consulting and planning services, thanks to the processing of cross-cutting solution in different areas, ranging from urban plans to urban design.
This service is developed at the preliminary-concept design, scheme design and detailed design stages and relates to road infrastructures, intermodal terminals and urban interchange nodes, railway stations, port and airport land side zones, large car parks and complex real estate development and redevelopment Projects. Common factors in these three areas, within an overall vision of the city and the territory, are environmental sustainability, accessibility and urban quality as a guarantee of better life.

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Behzadi + Partner Architects BDA General Planning

The office of Behzadi + Partner Architekten BDA Generalplanung exists since 1999.

Accompanying the construction site of Leipzig, construction work is primarily carried out in Saxony, Thuringia, Bavaria and Hesse.

The spectrum of Behzadi + Partner references ranges from buildings of the social and educational system, including sports halls and facilities, to residential, office, administrative and health buildings, industrial buildings and cultural buildings.

Outdoor and recreation facilities as well as urban planning are also part of the tasks.
At the same time, in addition to the projects in Germany, tasks in Portugal, Mexico, Malawi, Togo, Japan, Spain, Iraq and Iran were also taken over in recent years.

The office takes on more general planning tasks and, with its 20 architects and engineers, possesses an efficient size, a wealth of know-how, flexibility and solution-oriented competence that has grown over many years.

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Taiyo Europe

Partner in ETFE Structures

Taiyo accompanies you as a competent company from the design phase through to completion
The realization of extraordinary and complex membrane structures requires a high degree of know-how and lots of experience. At Taiyo Europe, a team of creative designers and engineers work side by side with architects and other experts in order to create technically demanding membrane structures. Taiyo Europe’s core team brings more than 100 years of international experience in the realization of high-class membrane architecture to the table. Thanks to the comprehensive professional expertise of our employees, we can answer all our clients’ and partners’ questions, whether they concern the feasibility of a structure’s design, the load-bearing characteristics of the membranes, construction physics, execution time, cost or durability.

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LOCA Motorised Pergola Systems

Loca is one of the leading companies in the market of Motor Pergola Solutions in Turkey and worldwide. It wins its potential customers by successfully managing the design, installation and service processes even in the most complex projects.

The export figures to the foreign countries continue to increase every year, prove that Loca is a company offering global solutions. Behind the success stand experienced and equipped employees who every day bring further the innovation and the excellence vision. As R & D, the design and the engineering team, ambitious to create specific and aesthetic products, offers products required by the era, and the new locations provide solutions compliant with the modern architecture.

Loca gives confidence to its mass of customers by daily expanding its reference portfolio, which is consisted of many giant cafes and restaurant chains, and which also is bringing a new breath to the people`s living spaces.

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T.T.M. Rossi

Since 1959 T.T.M. Rossi is able to satisfy his customer with a wide range of quality wire mesh used in different field: construction, industry and architecture.
Entrepreneurial ability, the established experience of its founder teamed with the support of a dynamic and highly competent staff and the ability to direct and control all stages of production, through the use of the latest generation machinery and equipment, have led T.T.M. Rossi to be recognized as a leading supplier and reference for anyone who uses standard and custom nets and wire mesh.
Particularly strong growth over the past 30 years has allowed T.T.M. Rossi to evolve into a company capable of producing a wide range of products for use in multiple applications thereby satisfying the diverse needs of customers through innovative products that are tailored to their specific field of use.
Always sensitive to the company’s environmental impact and eco sustainability, T.T.M. Rossi uses energy produced from renewable sources through the installation of a photovoltaic system, and making it totally independent of outside energy suppliers.

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EuroLam GmbH

EuroLam GmbH operates internationally and is the market leader in the manufacture of innovative louvre window systems, special constructions of aluminium, wood and glass, as well as natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems. EuroLam has a large product portfolio for natural ventilation, smoke gas removal, as well as for efficient protection from weather, sun and noise.

Louvre windows are deployed to naturally vent buildings or rooms. The large opening area of each louvre creates an advantageous ventilation shaft as compared to normal tilt / turn windows. Rooms can therefore be naturally ventilated in an extremely short time, without the room air cooling down.

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Dimah Messe + Event GmbH

DIMAH has summed up the competence in booth construction, display construction as well as event and object design for over 20 years now.

While we analyze, organize,design, product, management, transport and assemble, you get the backup you need to put the focus on your essentials.

With our team of 30 experts we stage manage your brand to bring you and your target audience together.

We consider ourselves as a marketing tool that builds an interface between brands, human beings and the fair.

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As our Portfolio shows, Diba is a company with full of activities in diverse aspects of Design, Architecture and specialized in the field of Membrane Structures. This company is the combination of the best expertise and every single person is working with full of motivation.
If you are kind of person who is looking for the next strong step in your life job you can apply for the appropriate position.
We need professionals and expertise who are creative and give themselves permission to be open minded and desire the qualified future.
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