Diba Tensile Architecture; ?>

Diba Tensile Architecture

Membrane structures also known as tensile structures, go back to the early ages, when humans had to seek shelter against wind, rain and the sun through living in tents. Since then even with advancements in …

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POOSH(Membrane Structures Products)

Structures that are pre-designed and engineered in defined sizes and installed in place by client’s request. So far Diba tensile architectures has produced many different pre-engineered structures in various sizes and forms to meet different …

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TAAB(Cable Structures)

Our extensive experience in lightweight structures has brought us to new grounds to offer the latest complex solutions through ropes, cables and meshes. Products: Handrail & Safety Net Green Cable & Lighting Green Wall Our …

MEC & DIBA; ?>


MEC & DIBA- founded in Tehran, Iran, in March 2012– is a Consulting Engineering Co., which offers a full range of engineering services to the international market . So far, the company has designed structural …

DIBAAJ Construction and Industry Development Co.; ?>

DIBAAJ Construction and Industry Development Co.

The Dibaaj Company has started its professional activity in the field of construction and execution in 2014, as one of Diba’s Group parties. During these years and parallel to Diba Group’s targets, Dibaaj try to …

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DID(Diba Interior Design)

DiD is a leading design and construction consultancy. Our skill set spans Architecture, interior Design, Graphic Design, Branding and Project Management, all of which can be leveraged by clients to create and deliver outstanding development …


Message of Managers

Opportunities and limitations are the inevitable parts of any architectural project. We tend to take the limitations as an opportunity to dream of the impossible, to come up with creative solutions in our designs and in construction, while we keep in mind that eventually any architectural project needs to be built for real people in the real world where g=9.8 m/s2

Leila Araghian

Leila Araghian

Design Manager, Architect
Alireza Behzadi

Alireza Behzadi

Managing Director
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